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Camsim Minas - La Diana Property - mountain range

La DIana Property Title

The La Diana Property covers 14,722 hectares and is located in the eastern portion of the state of Guerrero, Southern Mexico, within the heart of the famous precious-metal belt of Mexico known as the Sierra Madre del Sur. The Sierra Madre del Sur is widely recognized as an area with unusually high exploration potential for both precious and base metals.

The La Diana project lies to the south of the famous Guerrero gold belt where Goldcorp Inc. operates its Los Filos mines located in the Nukay district, about 150 kilometers northwest of the project and where Farallon Resources recently began production on its G-9 deposit, located in the Campo Morado district about 210 kilometers to the northwest of the project.

Polymetallic mineralization in the project area has been known for well over 100 years; however, given that, until recently, the region lacked adequate infrastructure to enable decent road access, there had been little interest in large-scale mineral exploration. Today, excellent modern roadways, telecommunications and electrical power lines exist, which in turn, are expected to assist Camsim Minas S.A. DE C.V immensely in achieving its objectives of advancing the project as quickly and, moreover, as cost-effectively as possible.





La Diana property with lots of postive results. Excavators on the mountain range.





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