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Why Mexico?

Mexico is considered one of the top places in the world for the exploration and mining of the world's many precious metals. With a country with a mining history which straddles almost 500 years, Mexico represents a major mineral exploration ground.

Much of Mexico's potential remains under-explored. Major discoveries are being continually being made using modern geological and geophysical concepts and methods. Expectations are that exploration will continue to reveal important new deposits and resources.

The country’s appeal to mining companies stem from a combination of factors including a strong mining culture, excellent geology, political stability and favourable tax and permitting structures. Under the country’s foreign-ownership laws, non-Mexican companies can maintain 100% ownership of their properties and reap the full benefits of successful exploration. In this welcoming climate, the recent strength of resource prices combined with Mexico’s abundance of mineral deposits has fostered significant new investment.

Similarly, the Mexican mining community is well-trained and experienced, both at the professional and skilled labourer levels, and fully in tune with the latest mining technologies. There is an abundance of specialized and normal mining equipment with good technical support throughout Mexico.


Advantages of Mining in Mexico

Mexico is a country with a long history of mining.  As a result, there is a well-established government and industry infrastructure to support mining activities.

Mining in Mexico has the following advantages:

  • Mexico is a mining friendly jursisdiction with a long mining history and strategic geographical location
  • Strong, Federal, State and Local Government Support
  • Clear regulatory and permitting process
  • Political and financial stability
  • Strong legal system
  • Free trade agreements with major economies 
    (U.S., Canada, Europe, among others)
  • North American style Legal & Accounting system
  • 100% Foreign Capital Allowed
  • Wide and modern communications and transportation infrastructure
  • Highly qualified human resources

Industrial Uses For Silver

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electrical
  • Chemical Catalyst
  • Reflectants
  • Industrial
  • Printed Circuitry
  • Superconductors
  • Electroplating
  • Brazing & Soldering
  • Coins
  • Photography
  • Silverware & Jewelry
  • Mirrors & Coatings
  • Solar Energy
  • Water Purification




Mexico - San Javier huge Silver potential

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